Tafaria Castle and Country Lodge

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Once upon a dream, in the ancient land of Deighton Downs, at a time of great hardship, adventure, and isolation, a young African found himself at the foothills of the Aberdare Ranges overlooking the Laikipia plains.

As he grew up there, enveloped in a harsh wilderness, unto him came an immortal dream. That dream now stands as…

The Tafaria Castle
D2012 AD.


Completed in 2012 AD, Tafaria Castle was motivated by the dream to transform this impoverished rural community where George Tafaria grew up.

Steeped in inspiration, Tafaria Castle was created to bring about two transformational states of mind – adventure stimulated by the unique location within reach of rich Kenyan wildlife and imagination drawn from the medieval architectural style of the Castle and its lodges.

Tafaria Castle, sits on a hill overlooking Mount Kenya and the Laikipia Plains, is an ideal venue for those in search of a unique and special getaway in the countryside for rejuvenation, relaxation, meetings and special events – weddings, honeymoons and parties

George and Eunice invite you to share in their dream. Rediscover yourself in this magnificent, tranquil, unique part of Kenya. You will find us halfway between Nyeri and Nyahururu. The journey from Nairobi is easy, scenic and smooth.

We give you a guided tour of the Castle and its grounds as we tell our story.

Come and be part of our dream.