Life skills - Leadership - Sports

What is goDream?

goDream is a custom made interactive and fun life-skills programme for students run at Tafaria and has three different packages depending on your needs: goDream Life-Skills, goDream Sports and goDream Leadership.

goDream Life skills

This is a custom made interactive and fun programme for students. Its objective is to inspire, refresh, expose and equip the students with life skills through alternative learning. All goDream activities including sports & leisure activities, etiquette, housekeeping etc. are designed to enhance teamwork, interpersonal and core life skills.

goDream Leadership

This package targets the young school leaders such as prefects and mainly focuses on:

The leadership code of honour, contemporary school leadership, understanding the role of a prefect/leader, challenges and opportunities of leadership, leadership misconceptions, creating a balance between leadership roles and academics, creating strategies for better leadership, coordination and embracing diversity, achieving strength through unity, Leadership via effective teamwork and effective implementation of instructions and school rules.

goDream Sports

This is a sports camp that runs during the school holidays at Tafaria which is an environment that allow children to learn new skills in a safe and nurturing environment. Whereas the main focus is on soccer, it also provides your child with a variety of sports and athletic activities such as basketball, tennis, bowling, volleyball, cycling, swimming, archery, horseback riding, table tennis, pool table, darts, hiking, physical exercise etc.

CSR - Touch the Local community

The students take time out to indulge in the local community and do some community work, for a different perspective to life.

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