Tafaria Foundation

The Tafaria Foundation is the social arm of Tafaria Castle and is a Not-For-Profit organization with a mission to empower the rural community of the native lands of Deighton Downs. The Foundations is based at the Tafaria Castle in rural Kenya. The Castle was founded in 2012AD motivated by deliberate social objectives to help bring economic opportunities.

The Foundation runs a three pronged rural transformation programme:


The Centre for the Arts

The artists in residence programme


The Community Center for Excellence

School In Kangawa


Rural community outreach

Knowledge Sharing & Mentorship

The Foundation ultimate goal is to use art for advocating positive social change while giving those in the creative sector an opportunity to develop their ideas. The Centre fosters those things that enrich the mind and delight the heart, those intangible but precious things that give meaning to a society and help create from it a civilization and a culture.

By December 2019, 60 artists and creatives have been supported and in turn worked and mentored more than 500 students and community members and made social advocacy installations in the community.
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Next to Tafaria Castle, there is a little school called Kangawa Nursery School. Waithera and her friends school there, and they love being in school. But they don’t like the gapping slits on their classroom walls, lack of water in school, poor sanitation and lack of modern recreational amenities.

Tafaria, in line with its transformational goals set out to change all that by upgrading the school and making it a modern centre for excellence with modern classrooms, proper sanitation, learning materials and a recreational facility throughout their learning. The Foundation intends to use this as a centre for impacting progressive social and economic ideas to realize the desired outcomes for this village.

We have set out to change the school from its current state to the proposed one above.

Tafaria Foundation, in its effort to empower the community, runs community interactive sessions for knowledge sharing either in-school with students or sessions with community members at the Castle. Through this programme, external experts in relevant areas such as entrepreneurship, agriculture, health, creative arts etc get an opportunity to share their knowledge with the locals and to mentor them.

By December 2019, more than 2000 students and community members had participated in our outreach program while 15 students had received school fees support.

Tafaria Apprenticeship

The Learn, Experience & Apply (LEA) Programme

Tafaria Castle offers apprenticeship opportunities to the local community school leavers for a period of 6 months to one year through the LEA programme by Tafaria Foundation. This programme is intended to expose the local youth to an array of alternative opportunities, skill them and certify them for ease of job market access. This is in line with Tafaria mission of rural transformation.

How the programme works

The programme has three stages



This part runs for 3-6months depending on one’s area of interest. The participants receive no stipend/wage during this phase.



Runs for 3-6 month depending on one’s area of interest. Participant at this stage receives a modest stipend.



This stage runs for 3 months but can extend for a longer period depending on availability of vacancies at Tafaria at the time of graduation. The graduate receives a full wage.

In between the programme, the participants benefit from motivational talks and mentorship by Tafaria staff and partners. At graduation, the participants get an opportunity for an exposure trip to appreciate the wider world of opportunities.

Required qualification

For one to qualify, he or she must reside in the local community, be able to commute to Tafaria on daily basis, must have graduated from one of the local high schools, be below 20 years of age and must comply with the stated programme rules and regulations.

When to apply

Applications are open throughout the year. Upon successful application, the applicant is advised on the next available cohort intake.

Fields of application

Apprenticeship opportunities are available in the following areas:

Electrical Wiring, Housekeeping, Front Office Operations, Food and Beverage Service, Cookery, Gardening, Horsemanship, Carpentry, Masonry, Welding, Arts Management, Laundry Operations etc

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The LEA programme Portal

After graduation from this programme, the graduate’s details are posted on to the LEA portal for potential linkage to the job market. For one to qualify to LEA portal showcase, he/she must have demonstrated exemplary performance and integrity.

Support an apprentice

If you would like to support a local secondary school graduate through the LEA programme, kindly get in touch with us for details. On average, it costs Kshs 150,000 to get one participant through the programme.

For More

For more information, please contact us through: The Executive Director, Tafaria Foundation, LEA Programme, foundation@tafaria.com or 0700151480

The Tafaria Order of Merit for Compassion and Benevolence

Since its inception Tafaria has opened its doors to organisations, groups and individuals to extend the opportunity and the excitement of contributing to this transformation process through involvement in the community and the promotion of sustainable activities in education, environment, agriculture and health.

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Join Us in our rural transformation quest

The Foundation collaborates with like-minded institutions and individuals in pursuit of its objectives. Its principal sponsor is the Tafaria Castle. You can join our rural transformation quest:

Support an artists create, develop and use their work for advocating for social change by adopting a social issue such as conservation, alcoholism, design challenges, civil education, domestic violence etc by sponsoring an artist to the residency programme to create works around an issue of your interest.


Support our Community Centre for Excellence by making a contribution towards ‘A block for Waithera’ initiative. One block worth Ksh 500 will go along way in making this centre of excellence and uplifting Waithera out of her current situation. It takes 1600 bricks per class and our target is to build 10 classrooms.


Enlist to share knowledge on any subject of your specialization that would benefit the local community at pre-arrange forums.