Tafaria Nano Herbarium

For Nature lovers, conservationists, scientists, botanist & students

If you visited our Herbarium, you would be enveloped by the tranquil countryside which would then usher you to our live and display herbarium. Here you would be rewarded with a herbaling moment which involves: an interaction with the ten leaders of our jungle tribe. We call it the Tafaria Taxonomy. After learning about our natural heritage, how specimens are collected, labelled and preserved, you would then interact with the ten clan leaders of our jungle tribe inside the display herbarium. 

Here, the complex science of botany is laid bare by the arts for you. 

After you have known each clan of the jungle, you would then exit into nature for a herbaling moment where you meet face to face, members of each of the clan in the jungle. By the time you are done with this emersion, you will have developed an emotional connection with trees, shrubs and herbs. 

Know then up close and personal as we cannot effectively conserve that which we do not know. A tour highly recommended for learners

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So, if you visit Tafaria Castle Herbarium:

Our resident botanist will take you through practical lessons on:

Specimen Collection and Pressing

Practice identifying plant species based on characteristics such as leaves, flowers, fruits, and overall morphology.

Labeling and Cataloging

Gain hands-on experience in labeling pressed specimens with relevant information such as scientific name, location, date of collection, and collector's name.

Specimen Storage & Maintenance

Understand the organizational structure of the herbarium, including how specimens are stored and maintained.

Data Recording and Digitization

Get involved in hands on digitization of collections, entering data into databases, and creating digital records. Learn how technology is used to enhance accessibility and research opportunities.

Then interact with our display herbarium where the complex science of botany is simplified and laid bare through the arts. Here, you interact with the various plant species which have been carefully categorized into the ten tribes of the jungle for ease of comprehension.

Then, finally take a nature walk through the live herbarium where you see and appreciate the various species in a live environment.

As you leave the live herbarium, connect permanently with nature by planting an indigenous plant in the live herbarium.

This tour serves as an invaluable resource, shaping your knowledgeable and raising environmental consciouses and provides you with a strong foundation in botany and related sciences. As such, you develop an emotional connection with plant such that you are able to conserve them better. 

“we cannot effectively preserve that which we do not know”