The Big Reunion

The museum is based at the Center for the arts at Tafaria Castle. This experiential tour was established by Tafaria in collaboration with the National Museums of Kenya. Here visitors experience demystified human evolution science by taking a tour of this exhibition called the Big Reunion which is highly recommended for all learners. 

“It is in the interest of knowledge sharing, demystifying science and facilitation of deeper inquest into our very existence to pave a better future that Tafaria and the National Museums of Kenya established this reunion for you” 

The Big Reunion was created by a team of scientists and curators from the National Museum and Kenyan artists and designers in 2021AD. 

You are invited!

Day Tour Packages

Rate per person

Knights Package

Museum access, tour of Tafaria Castle, lunch, one leisure, activity of choice

4k per person

Damsel Package

Museum access, tour of Tafaria Castle and a snack

Adults – 1,500
Below 13 – 1200

Vikings Package

Museum access only

Adults – 1,000
Below 13 – 700

The students take time out to indulge in the local community and do some community work, for a different perspective to life.